View Our New Disinfection Cabinet

As part of our continuing commitment to keeping our patients and staff safe, we have installed a sterilization unit that uses UV-C to sterilize frames after each time they are touched by anyone, patient or staff.


Our COVID-19 Update – 2021

Hello to all our patients, new and old! We are excited to continue caring for you and your family! I want to take this opportunity to explain what we are doing to make sure our office is a safe environment for everyone – you, your family, and our staff. These plans are based on guidance from the CDC, CMS, OSHA, and the State of Arizona – they are not arbitrary. We have spent a lot of time planning for the best way to earn your confidence and keep everyone safe, and here is what we are doing to achieve this.

  • Staff and patients will be screened upon arriving at Clear View Vision Care before they enter the building. Temperature is checked, and anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or higher will be immediately sent home.
  • Handwashing or hand sanitizer will be used by both patients and staff upon entering the building.
  • With this in mind, ONLY the adult patient coming for their exam will be admitted. DO NOT bring anyone with you, as they will not be allowed in the building -this would defeat the purpose of intentionally limiting how many people enter the office. Given the weather, and even the need to use bathrooms, this would be an unpleasant wait for them in your car. So again – DO NOT bring anyone with you. We apologize if this prevents you from coming at this time, but please wait to see us until the ongoing restrictions are relaxed over time. They are there to protect everyone.
  • For pediatric patients, only the single child and one adult guardian can enter. Again, DO NOT bring anyone with you, as they will not be allowed in the building, even siblings or a second parent. Please plan accordingly as no exceptions can be made.
  • Staff have been directed to provide guidance in the office as you move through the exam process – please listen to them and maintain social distancing.
  • Staff have been directed to wear no jewelry and to wear long hair up. We ask you to do the same.
  • All paperwork will now be completed electronically – there will be no clipboards or pens.
  • For the internal eye exam, there is no way to do this the traditional way as it requires almost face to face contact between doctor and patient. Until progress is made and restrictions eased, the Optomap Procedure will be a required part of the examination. Contact our staff to have this requirement explained in greater detail.
  • On the day of your exam:
    • Please be in a parking spot in our parking lot at the time of your appointment. If you are running late, please call so we can reschedule you – unlike in the past, we can’t just see you late as timing of patient flow is a critical part of social distancing and limiting the number of people in the building. So please, leave a little early to allow for traffic.
    • It is unlikely we will see you early, so if you are early, please be patient as we finish those ahead of you.
    • If any of this makes you uncomfortable, please call us so we can address your concerns. We are confident we can put you at ease!
    • If you disagree with our plan to maximize safety for everyone, I want you to know I respect your right to hold that opinion. You will be welcome to come back later when things get back to the old normal. Give us a call in a few months, and we will of course keep updating you as things change.

For now, things will be a bit different for a while, but our commitment to earning your trust and serving you well will never change. I look forward to welcoming you back. See you soon!

Dr. Jeffrey Martin