Our COVID-19 Update

Amid the rising concern of the spread of Coronavirus, we wanted to share with you some facts and what we are doing as a company to limit exposure to our staff and our patients.

Our office remains one of the safest places to see an Eye Doctorfor these reasons:

  1. Our staff does not travel for business, and we have cancelled all continuing education conferences and meetings, PERIOD, no matter where they are. Any staff that travels out of the US must self-quarantine for 2 weeks prior to returning to work. We have recommended avoiding all travel to our staff until the Coronavirus problem ends.
  2. We are asking all patients and/or staff to stay home if they are ill – NO ONE has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
  3. We only treat patients for eye related issues— We do not have sick patients waiting in our waiting rooms and do not allow sick patients/staff into our office.
  4. We have implemented even more stringent cleaning and wipe down procedures in all our facilities. The door handles, light switches, chair handles…each employee disinfects their own workstations during the day as well…. we are cleaning even more than we always do.
  5. We are restricting access to the facilities to patients, and we are asking patients not to bring extra people to exams or to sit in our waiting rooms.
  6. We are not inside a hospital system where ill patients go- naturally this reduces our exposure.
  7. Our Staff continue to wash hands before and after each patient and then utilize hand sanitizer as well.

We are taking extra measures to keep everyone safe. We want you to feel confident to continue to address your eye care needswith peace of mind. We are less of a risk than most public placesand seek to remain a safe haven for our patients and staff throughout the next weeks ahead.


Dr. Jeffrey Martin