Clearer Vision With Zeiss

Our patients deserve solutions they can depend on. Because of our dedication to our patients, we’ve adopted an incredible range of Zeiss specialty lenses to help as many patients as possible.

Do you believe our specialty Zeiss lenses are right for you? Please, book an appointment with us today and let us help you find the right lenses to make your vision as clear and comfortable as possible.

Special Technologies Offered


Are you craving crisper, clearer vision with the ability to see better at night? i.Scription lenses may be the choice for you!

i.Scription lenses are designed with the help of the Zeiss i.Profiler, which analyzes your vision for subjective refraction values and ocular wavefront aberrometry. The results are clearer night vision, better visual contrast, and improved color vision.

This technology is especially useful for patients who have peripheral aberrations that can worsen their vision in low light.

Zeiss has designed specialty lenses for patients who are always on the go with their digital devices to help reduce digital eye strain symptoms.

SmartLife lenses are customized to your needs and habits to help you enjoy clear, comfortable vision without changing your digital device habits!


Life can be crazy sometimes, and you deserve lenses that can withstand the worst life can throw at it.

DuraVision Platinum lenses are designed to do just that. This hard anti-reflective (AR) coating is nearly 3 times more durable than the previous generation of AR coatings and helps keep your lenses dirt-free and easy to clean.

For comfortable vision in any light, you don’t have to look any further than Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses.

These revolutionary lenses are able to darken and lighten in seconds, allowing you to enjoy your day no matter how bright it is! On top of this incredible feature, PhotoFusion lenses are also designed with durability, UV protection, and blue-light protection.